LOST – “The End”: Die Together, Live Alone

The following is a piece I wrote only an hour or so after the series finale aired. Unsure of exactly how I felt, I found it easier to write my thoughts down to work through the ending.  It was my first written response I’ve done for a TV show and would later inspire the creation of this site.

LOST has ended.  It has been amazing experience, one that I feel truly blessed to be a part of.  It has been so much more than just a TV show, it has been a journey.  One that I can say wholeheartedly without a doubt was worth it.  When the episode ended I was confused.  I felt so many emotions at once that I felt emotionless.  I was unsure, in a state of confusion.  Not confused what happened on screen, but at my response to it.  Now that a few hours have passed and it has begun to sink in I must say it was brilliant.  A pitch perfect ending to what was the most well done, risk taking series I’ve ever seen.

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