Of Muppets and Men: Why the Muppets Matter Personally and Publicly

The following article is not critique or even really an essay, but rather it’s more of a  loosely structured musing on the nature of The Muppets and an exploration on why they matter so much to me. I typically don’t post personal details on this site, but this piece will fit outside that norm because really that’s the only way I can discuss a topic so dear to my heart like the Muppets.

I love the Muppets. In fact I more than love them, I’m obsessed with them. I’ve watched their various shows and movies countless times on repeat. Kermit the Frog was easily one of my top five role models as a kid. He was the perfect hero to look up to. Kind, caring, smart, funny, and always in control (well to the best degree you can with that gang). Muppets also played an important role in developing my sense of humor, as they were my very first introduction to meta comedy, a love affair that I continue today with the TV show Community. Even at a young age I was amazed by the very idea of an entire show being about putting on a show and that The Muppet Movie features the characters watching the movie themselves was revolutionary to me as a kid.

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