Stream Me!: Netflix Refuses to Make a “Huge Mistake” With Arrested Development


On May 26, 2013 the Internet will crash. Well, maybe not the whole Internet, but at least Netflix’s servers will. That’s because it’s the day and date release of the much anticipated return of the beloved, TV cult classic comedy Arrested Development. Since the comedy went off the  air in 2006, there has been seemingly never ending talk about the Bluth clan potentially getting back together. No matter how many years passed Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, and the others were bombarded with questions about if and when the return would happen. Things came to a head when in October 2011 during a cast reunion set up by the New Yorker, creator and showrunner Michael Hurwtiz announced his ambitious plan to do a ten episode new season and then a full length feature film. Fans everywhere cheered, but considering Hurwtiz didn’t have a studio or any financial backing, the proposal seemed to be yet another one of Gob’ s infamous illusions. That all changed in November 2011 when Netflix announced they would officially be bringing the series back from the grave for one more season.

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