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The name’s Jamiesen Borak. I’m an inspiring TV writer, having studied Visual Media Arts with a concentration in Writing for TV & Film at Emerson College (Boston, MA).

After years of critiquing shows to my friends, I started writing down my thoughts on the various series I watch and the industry in general. The posts at Remotely Interesting are a delightful mix of critical reviews and analytical essays.

Remotely Interesting was nominated in 2011 for Outstanding Blog in Emerson College’s 30th Annual EVVY Awards, the largest student led multi-camera award show in the nation.

In April 2012 my post Lucky Signs: The Semiotics of HBO’s Luck was listed as required reading for a TV criticism course taught at University of Oregon. Yet, despite my professor still gave me a “B” on that paper.

I also run a pet project called “Showrunner Camp” that compiles quotes and videos of various showrunners talking about the process of  making a TV show.

Fo more info on me check out my portfolio website.


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