Drinking the LOST-Aid: The Mythology, Duality, & Significance of Cult Television


The ABC television series LOST is one of the great success stories of the aughts. The show was deemed a colossal failure before it even began by advertising companies, was notorious for being the most expensive pilot ever shot at the time, and even led to the firing of the network executive who developed the idea. Yet the pilot would go on to amass 18.65 million viewers in the U.S. (Kissell, 2004) and soon became a world wide phenomena, airing in over one hundred and seventy different countries and being titled the second most popular show in the world by appearing in the most top ten in more countries than any other show other than CSI: Miami (BBC, 2006). With ratings like that, the question of whether LOST counts as a cult television series gets brought up frequently. While LOST may not work with the traditional definition of cult, when one takes into account the metamorphosis of the term cult and what it means in relation to the current state of television, it becomes intrinsically clear that yes, LOST is cult television. In fact, LOST is a quintessential example of modern network cult TV that provides a case for why cult TV matters as it brings fans together to create dedicated communities, while also serving as a model for the future of industry.

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Six Shows To Catch Up On This Summer

With the 2010-2011 television series having officially ended last week most shows are now on break till the season starts back up again in September.  While there are a handful of good summer series that you should be watching (FX’s Louie, AMC’s Breaking Bad) I thought I’d put together a list of three dramas and three comedies I’d recommend watching this summer to keep your TV busy during a season that tends to be a scripted series drought.  I’ll personally be catching up on HBO’s The Wire and hopefully Deadwood, along with rewatching LOST with my girlfriend.  I’ll be writing about those shows periodically throughout the summer and maybe a few more if I finish those quickly, but till then here’s what I recommend you should be catching up on.


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LOST – “The End”: Die Together, Live Alone

The following is a piece I wrote only an hour or so after the series finale aired. Unsure of exactly how I felt, I found it easier to write my thoughts down to work through the ending.  It was my first written response I’ve done for a TV show and would later inspire the creation of this site.

LOST has ended.  It has been amazing experience, one that I feel truly blessed to be a part of.  It has been so much more than just a TV show, it has been a journey.  One that I can say wholeheartedly without a doubt was worth it.  When the episode ended I was confused.  I felt so many emotions at once that I felt emotionless.  I was unsure, in a state of confusion.  Not confused what happened on screen, but at my response to it.  Now that a few hours have passed and it has begun to sink in I must say it was brilliant.  A pitch perfect ending to what was the most well done, risk taking series I’ve ever seen.

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