Remotely Interesting Retrospective 2011 – Other Shows

It’s the end of December which means its time to look back on the year an evaluate the various television shows that aired throughout 2011. Yesterday I posted  my Second Tier series of the year, but rather than go ahead and post my First Tier series right away, I thought I’d list my thoughts on all the other shows I’ve been watching all year. These are the shows that I watched every single episode of that aired in 2011, but didn’t make my top ten list.

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Big Tuna In An Even Bigger Pond: Aimless 20-Something Year-Old Everyman Jim Halpert

NBC’s The Office began as a series with plots as simple as its title.  Each episode focused on the simple drudgery of working in an office that you’re not too found of.  While Steve Carrel’s Michael Scott is playbilled as the lead, the reason viewers began to tune in wasn’t for the boss’s crazy antics, but rather for the simple pranks of everyman Jim Halpert.  Jim Halpert starts the series as a mid to late twenty something year-old paper sales representative at paper supplier Dunder Mifflin.  He is bored, uninterested, and apathetic towards his job.  He dreams of a life better than the one he has; yet he does little to change it.  He has no higher ambitions for his life other than one ending up with the secretary he spends all his free time flirting with.  He is for all intents and purposes, a fictional representative of the recent phenomena that has taken over twenty something year-olds today.

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