Pilots of Remote Interest: Up All Night With The New Girl

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, but probably the biggest contributor to that is it marks the beginning of the new TV season. Each fall the many TV networks premiere a bunch of new series, in addition to new episodes of returning shows. And now that we’re midway through September we can finally say the 2011-2012 TV season has officially started. In honor of this occasion I will be writing various short pieces on the new shows that particularly interest me. I won’t watch every pilot (hello The Playboy Club), but I’ll try my best to sample a bunch and put my early reactions down here so you can find out which new shows should be of remote interest.

This year networks seem to be spacing out their series more than usual, rather than the typical blood bath that occurs when all the new shows start within the same two week period.  Next week is the full start of the new TV season, where the majority of new shows will first air, but I want to talk about two series that have already been released. One has just begun airing on television (Up All Night), while the other was made available online early as a sneak peak to gain word of mouth (New Girl). Lets begin.

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