TV in a State of Netflux: The Impact of Netflix Originals


As you may know Netflix’s first original series that matters (did anyone even watch Lilyhammer?) has come out and it’s kind of a big deal. But for whatever reason no one I’ve talked to in person is treating it as such. Even my professors who are paid to teach about the media industry have barely brought it up, and consequently the students don’t seem to really think about why this matters. Yes, it has been briefly mentioned that Netflix is doing original content, but that isn’t what matters here. What does is the fact that they’ve released the entire season in one big drop. This model makes sense theoretically since Netflix is popular for binge watching, but as the show’s first-run this is something both revolutionary and completely problematic. It’s a move that could change the industry as we know it.

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Remotely Interesting Retrospective 2011 – Non 2011 Shows

The last week of December I counted down to the new year by introducing a feature I refer to as the Remotely Interesting Retrospective. All week long I wrote about my First Tier and Second Tier series of the year, along with the Other Shows I watched and a collection of the Bits & Pieces I sampled. And while we’re now a week into 2012 I thought I’d post one extra part of the Retrospective. After writing about every 2011 show I watched in the year, I thought it might be fun to do a bonus article on the various shows I caught up on in 2011, despite them  not having aired that year. With this last post I’ll have written about every single show/episode I watched in 2011. Hope you’ve enjoyed my 7,000 plus words on my 2011 viewing experience and thanks overall to everyone who read Remotely Interesting during its first year run. It’s been quite the success in my book and I look forward to doing this for as long as I can.

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Remotely Interesting Retrospective 2011: Second Tier

We’re nearing the end of December here meaning it’s time for everyone to say goodbye to 2011 and welcome in the new year. And what better way for a TV criticism site to let go and move on then by introducing what I further to as Remotely Interesting Retrospective. I originally planed on making a set top ten list with a number one show, but the fact of the matter is this year was so great for TV content that it’s nearly impossible to choose a singular series as number one. Instead I’m breaking my favorites down to First Tier and Second Tier shows. Any of the five shows in the First Tier could easily be number one given the episode or the timing. The Second Tier is to highlight five shows that were particularly outstanding this year and deserve some extra recognition. In addition to a top ten list I will be writing my thoughts on every series, and there’s a lot of them, that I watched in 2011 to let you know how they fared this year. And don’t worry, all the write ups will remain spoiler free, dealing with only broad strokes rather than fine details, so go ahead and read without fear. Without further ado I present to you what I consider the five “second best” series of the year.

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